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A look at ....What Makes Me Special?

We have been thinking about all the things that make us special and unique.  We have looked at the similarities and differences between our families, our birthdays  and even our addresses yes ; we have explored the ways in which each of these things makes us different to every single person in the whole world!  ....And that's a lot of people!  frown

Birthdays - We met some special people - Poppy and Ash.  It was their birthday this week and it was a double birthday celebration because Poppy and Ash are twins!  We made cards, invitations and lots of dough cakes.  It was very nice though, when Poppy and Ash brought their cards to show us and brought us some real cakes as a treat to finish off the week!

Poppy and Ash ready for their party!

Birthday fun!

Addresses - We thought about the role of the postman and post woman this week.  They have a very busy day collecting all the post and making sure that cards, letters and parcels are delivered to the right address.  We wrote a special letter to our family, put our address on and a stamp and took a stroll to the post box to post it.  We decided to go to the very special, gold, post box.  Everyone was very well behaved and when we got back to school we put a diamond in the jar!  Well done everyone!

Off we go to the post box!