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A Monster Came To School One Day!

A special delivery arrived at our school on Monday morning!  We were nervous, excited and a little bit worried!  But there was no need to worry Mrs Popoff had sent a new pet for us to look after for the week.

His name is Gizmo!


He came with a special set of instructions!  We had to give him love, give him, water, give him a toy and give him biscuits!  He was very easy to look after and we really cared for him. 

We decided to tell everyone about Gizmo and write some instructions on how to look after him.

Look at some of our writing! 



Gizmo has gone!

We have spent a long time today searching for our new pet monster Gizmo.  We had lots of ideas about how we might find him. 

Some children worked outside to set a 'treat-trap' for him with his favourite treat...biscuits!

Some children wrote signs to say 'Gizmo come back!'

Some children made posters to tell people what had happened.

We had to use all of our brain-power to decide what was the best plan!

Our Lost Posters. Surely this fabulous writing will help to get him back!

At the end of the day we decided to leave some tempting treats out for him over the weekend.  We collected some of the things we had made for him to show him how much we love him.  We crossed our fingers and made a wish!  Let's hope it comes true, because Gizmo we miss you!

Come back Gizmo!

We found him!!!

We went on a Winter Hunt in Forest School and look who we spotted!


We wrapped him up in his blanket to make him feel cosy.  He told us that he had been eating the biscuits we left out for him and also some tasty slugs and snails! blush  Mrs Popoff came to collect him and we are eagerly awaiting photos of Gizmo back at the zoo.  

We love you Gizmo! Xxx heart