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We swapped groups this half term and we began again with week one. The second group have taken to coding so well. Can't wait for next week! 🐤📱👍🏼😀

Week six of coding challenged us to create sticker art with code. Harder than it looks but it was lots of fun! The groups swap over after half term so keep coding at home 👍🏼😀

Week five sent us loopy. Lots of loops were needed to ensure we didn't use too many blocks of code. Look how quick were at debugging now! 🤓😎📱👍🏼😀

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Week 4! This week we created art with code. Don't forget to try the projects at home and save them to your portfolio 😊👍🏼✍🏾🎨 Happy coding! 😎

Week 3, oh my goodness me! This week was a tough one but we enjoy a challenge - don't we?

Getting stuck into de-bugging in lesson two of coding. Lots of eager coders ready to find and solve problems! 😊

Lesson 1 of coding! We loved getting to grips with coding using Angry Birds. 🤓😀

We like coding. Coding is our favourite 😎😀😀📱🎮💻⌨

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