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Eco Committee Blog 2016-2017

Monday 10th July


Well done to our Eco Committee for all the hard work put in this year. We have a more eco-friendly school and a new Green Flag to show for it too. frown


In our last Eco Committee meeting we discussed how we could promote a green living at home as well as school and there was a suggestion of a newsletter.  In Eco Kids club this afternoon we all became journalists and began to plan.  We came up with some good issues and ideas.  


Introducing you to our new Eco Newsletter....



You can look forward to receiving your first issue in the new term.



Monday 3rd July


Our Eco Kids have been learning about the Fairtrade Campaign.  We acted out the process of producing chocolate.  


Please see pictures and more details by clicking the link...


Tuesday 27th June


We did it!!!! We have won our new Eco Flag.  Thanks to our amazing Eco committee especially our amazing Eco Kids.  



Monday 26th June

Today we kicked off our Health Week with Mrs Weightman and Mrs Coop's classes taking part in 3 healthy activities.



The children learnt about mindfulness and showed off their creative skills using mindfulness colouring in sheets.  Then they all planted some lettuces seeds, to take home, to try and grow some healthy salad of their own. All the children enjoyed taking part in a Forest Yoga session.

19th June 2017


Today four of our Eco Kids went out to clean up Walmsley Road.  They did an excellent job.  Well done girls! :-)

Tuesday 13th June

Yesterday the Eco Kids were really excited when they saw how well the herb garden was growing.  They each picked some of the herbs and took some home to try.


We have thyme, oregano, parsley and chives.  

Monday 12th June

We all agreed the veggie patch needed some tender loving care, so Eco Kids went into Forest School and weeded around the onions and potatoes.  

Monday 5th June

Today we had a go at Forest Yoga, to practice for Health Week w/c 26th June.  The Eco Kids really enjoyed it and we all felt very relaxed and peaceful. smiley

Tuesday 23rd May


This week in Eco Kids Club, Niamh, Lily and Grace have made posters and put them up in the toilets to encourage others to make sure the taps are turned off to save water.  


In Forest school this week we have built an African Tippy Tap to give the children running water.  The children thought about how some children around the world don't have the luxury of taps.

Wednesday 17th May


Today I found our Eco Committee member, Lily, turning off the taps in the boys toilets to save water.  


Lily received a Waste Warrior sticker award

Monday 15th May


Today Eco Kids Club met and we put up helpful signs in all the classrooms to help the teachers and children know what they can and cannot recycle.


Then the Eco Kids designed posters, to put in all the toilets, to remind the other children to turn off the taps. 


Lily's Don't Waste Water Poster

Wednesday 3rd May


This afternoon, our Eco Kids did some plant protecting.  They watered the flowers and vegetables in Forest School.





Wednesday 26th April 17


Our herb garden in Forest School is coming along nicely.  Today we have been filling it up with some new flavours and smells.  Oregano, thyme and parsley. 

25th April 2017


Today some of our year 2's have been planting some potatoes.  They have been learning how to care for a growing potato and singing about how we can prepare and cook them afterwards. 

Wednesday 19th April 2017


It's our first day back after the Easter break and we are already back in Forest School. The Y3 class have used their Innocent Sow and Grow Kits to begin growing their own vegetables.



Friday 10th March 2017


6th-10th March has been Waste Week 2017.  During this week we have put more bins in place to decrease the amount of waste going to landfill and have created some awesome Welly Print Bunting with Vicky Tyrrell (a local artist) and our Eco Kids. This bunting will be entered into the Waste Week 2017 Upcycling Competition where we can win upto £300 worth of Amazon vouchers. :-)







Please check out the link below to see our Waste Week Gallery...

Monday 27th February 2017




Our school has just signed up to a wonderful campaign called 'Empties Please'.  This will allow our school and you at home to recycle your ink cartridges.  This will be great for the environment but also it will raise money for our school.  Please let me know if you would like to raise money for our school by having a recycle bin in your place of work. 




Mrs Johnson :-)

Monday 13th February


Today we have started our Fruity Friends Campaign.  The kitchen and welfare staff were very excited to get the children excited about healthy eating.  Everyday the children will receive a Fruity Friends token if they choose a healthy option or if they have a healthy lunch box. The tokens will then be counted up to see which class have had the most healthy lunches.  The tokens will be counted by 2 members of our Eco-Committee; Lily & Amelia from Year 2.  They're our  Healthy Helpers.





Our kitchen staff reported that they have never 'sold' so much fruit and veg at lunch time before.  The Fruity Friends Campaign is already a success! :-)

Wednesday 8th February 2017


We had quite a few applications and all of them were great.  It's good to know so many of our children care for our school and the environment.   From these applications we have chosen our new Eco-Committee.



Today we prepared the ground and dug a compost pit.

On our first meeting the children have suggested that we get some child size gardening gloves and small spades.  This would allow the children to really get stuck into some gardening projects.

Friday 3rd February 2017


Welcome to Leigh St Mary's Eco Committee Blog!  


This week we have sent out applications for your children to fill in and return to me by Monday 6th February.  I'm looking forward to reading all the letters and choosing our new members.


smiley Mrs Johnson