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Editing stations were fun this morning! 📖✍🏾👍🏼🤓🚇

Testing our partners on polysyllabic words... Things got competitive!

We opened our World Book Day text this week. Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett is a wonderful book and we loved reading it. Today we looked at all of the letters sent and judged them on formality. We ranked them from most to least formal. Then, we judged them out of ten and argued why using evidence from them, including language features, tone and layout. It was such a fun lesson, lots of talk to prepare us for our writing! 🤓👍🏼😀✍🏾🕵🏽🐲🐉🔥✉️📃📜📄

The trailer for the book was a bit scary and sparked our interest in the mysterious story of The Watertower. Tomorrow, I MIGHT read the book to you, Year Five. I MIGHT NOT. 🤔😉😆

Can you hear the modal verbs? 🤔 I can! 😉

Still image for this video
Year Five hard at work as detective inspectors this morning. 👮🏾🔦📄📰🔎🖊😀

What an exciting morning we have had! We looked at images from the book The Watertower. Like detectives, we worked to retrieve, deduce and infer to work towards building a plausible narrative for the story. Such super speculation and inference skills taking place. Each group created a possible sequence of the evidence files and were required to back up their explanations with evidence from the images. I don't know about the children but I can't wait for tomorrow!

Sounds Write fun with sc spelling of the sound /s/ this morning. Testing our partners and using post its and taking on the role of teacher.

The prefix 'trans' was used in our polysyllabic words this morning in our Sounds Write session. We made it more challenging for our partners by using previously taugh sounds including 'tion'. How many words can you think of? 🤓😊

We loved taking part in the Icelandic tradition of the Jabokaflod (book flood) . We each brought in a book, wrapped up in Christmas paper, and swapped them.

Our Palm Oil debate gave us the chance to verbalise our arguments and take on the role of 'For' and 'Against'. We used subordinating conjunctions, rhetorical questions and emotive vocabulary to create persuasive arguments. We discussed democracy and planned our balanced argument.

Our amazing transcripts for our nature documentary narratives. The next David Attenborough could be in our class!