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Global Citizenship

Our Eco Kids have been learning about the Fairtrade Campaign.  We acted out the process of producing chocolate.  When I paid the children for the work they had done.  They all agreed that the cocoa farmers worked the hardest and got the least pay, and that this was incredibly 'UNFAIR'!   


We then discussed that Fairtrade means that everyone involved in the product gets good working conditions and fair pay.  The children all agreed that the Fairtrade chocolate tasted better because they could eat it without feeling guilty and happy knowing that the farmers were getting the support they need. :-) 


Global Citizenship is very important to our school.  We encourage the children to care for the world, environment, animals and people.  To promote global citizenship in our school we support a child called Doreen in Uganda through a charity called Mission Helping Hands. 


We are currently involved in creating an African Keyhole Garden, compost pit and tippy tap.