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Good Behaviour Game


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In Year 4 we always show good behaviour, impeccable manners and listen to staff and each other carefully. But when we are far too busy learning it is sometimes hard to remember what is fully expected of us. So Miss Gibson had an idea. Let's turn it into a game!


Introducing... The Good Behaviour Game



The aim of the game is to show that you are following the classroom rules and working together as a team! 

Let's meet the teams!

Once the game has finished Miss Gibson chooses the team who have worked quietly, are polite to others, only got out of their seat when they were given permission to, followed directions and worked effectively as part of a team. 


The team who wins will then be moved across to the next cloud. 


Each team starts at the Frozen castle. 

Next step is the castle from Jack and The Beanstalk!
Then the teams need to pass through the haunted castle. 
Until finally, they finish at the Walt Disney castle!

Once the children reach this castle they will be given a prize beyond their wildest dreams. 


"We get to play heads down thumbs up, it's amazing" Charlie aged 8


"Miss Gibson once gave us a pencil to take home" Matthew aged 9


"When we get on the Disney castle we get to go on a trip or a party" Paige aged 9