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Our New Class Pets!

Our visit to Pets At Home.

Our pet fish Topsy and Tim had run out of fish food so we decided to take a lovely walk to Pets at Home to do a spot of shopping!  We made a list before we went.  We thought we might need...

1. fish food

2. a loach or a snail

3. a tiny toy


Our fish tank had become a bit murky so we decided that we would ask for some advice at the pet shop.  Josh the kind shop assistant said that we should get some snails to help to keep our tank clean! 


He asked how big our tank was (40l) and said that we could happily keep four snails in a tank of that size.  We saw lots of other items for sale while we were there; dog food, cat food and even snake food.....angel


We also bought a little ornament for the tank, we took a vote and the Happy Feet penguin won!  


The whole class used their manners and were polite and kind, we were very, very proud of them all and when we got back to school Miss Grimshaw put a diamond in the jar! frown Perfect!






Pets at Home.