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Paul Klee - Art Day

Art Day - January 2018.


We wanted to learn about the artist Paul Klee (Pronounced 'Kle').  


We looked on the internet to do some research and see his wonderful paintings.  We saw shapes - rectangles, squares, triangles.  We spotted that the circle was a really important part of Paul Klee's work.  We thought about some of the pictures and we all saw different things!  It was very interesting to hear the ideas that we had and useful to show that there is not always one right answer but that there are often many!

We chose the painting The Cat and the Bird to explore.  
We looked at the painting bit by bit, we thought about the different parts of the painting and what we could see.  Did we think the cat was friendly or fierce?  Did we think he was happy or cross?  Why was there a bird in the picture?  We thought about the colours and shapes Paul Klee had used and we spotted the all important circle!
We learnt lots of different skills - layering paper and blending with chalks, printing with sponges of different shapes and creating texture with different materials.  We worked very hard and we were engrossed in our creativity!
Look at the finished results!

The Cat and the Bird