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We have explored our senses. We had a table for each sense and we used our senses to explore different materials. 

Sight - the children looked a books, images, photographs and described what they could see. they used vocabulary such as bright, dull, vibrant, colorful, gloomy etc. 

Hear - The children looked at different instruments and music and described the sounds they could hear. They used words such as loud, quiet, deep, high, low etc

Touch - The children had a table full of different materials and they described how they felt. They use vocabulary such as smooth, soft, rough, hard, prickly etc 

Taste - The children all tasted different foods such as lemon, chocolate, strawberries, sweets etc. They then  described the tastes. They used vocabulary such as sweet, sour, tangy, salty etc

Smell - The children smelt lots of different things such as vinegar, perfume, curry powder, burnt wood etc. they then described the smell. 



In science we have been exploring our senses. We have made our own fruit kebabs and described the different fruit using our 5 senses. 


Exploring fruit using our 5 senses.