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The Glade 2018-19

Coffee morning May 2019

Sensory play outside.

Red Nose Day fun

We have been learning all about volcanoes. Look at our journey.

We have been working on the ZONES of regulation

Sensory time

We had a very special visitor today after his adventures around Gordon Street. Very excited children welcomed Raspberry the Rabbit into our classroom for the day.

Breakfast in the Glade this morning...

Anti Bullying Week 12th November- Odd Socks Day

November Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning September 2018

Welcome to The Glade

Mrs Rimmer, Miss Bailey and Mrs Teasdale  


Nurture Provision KS1 and KS2 in The Glade


Inspire - To be the best that I can be

Believe - To believe I can make a difference for good in this world

Achieve - To have the roots to grow and the wings to fly


Here at Leigh St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, we believe that every child should 'Inspire to be the best that they can be, Believe that they can make a difference for good in this world and Achieve to have the roots'. We are very proud of our nurturing ethos at our school. We are dedicated to support all our children to allow them to flourish and reach their full potential.


The purpose of The Glade is to provide positive learning experiences for children who are experiencing difficulties in their lives, socially or emotionally. The Glade consists of a small group of 6 to 8 children based in school. The Room offers short term, focused and specialist help to those children identified as ones who would benefit socially and emotionally from this support.


The Nurture Group and teaching takes place in The Glade. We support children in all areas of the curriculum at the same time building a sense of emotional well-being, good self-esteem and a feeling of belonging to their school community. The Nurture Room provides children with this opportunity and so helps to develop their maturity and resilience.


The Six Principles Of Nurture


The Nurture groups run on a set of principles. The Nurture group principles are;


  • Children's learning is understood developmentally
  • The importance of nurture for the development of well being
  • All behaviour is communication
  • The classroom offers a safe base
  • Language is a vital means of communication
  • The importance of transition in children's lives


If we feel your child could be supported through attending The Glade we’ll invite you to meet with the staff where we’ll explain how we might help your child and answer any questions you might have.


How the Nurture Room is set up

Our Glade room has been designed to include both classroom and home furniture. It is set up to be warm and welcoming in order to provide a consistent and safe place for our children. Nurture group rooms are set up to be a bridge between home and school, where missed learning opportunities are addressed according to the individual profile of needs.

The Glade is set up with a dining table and chairs which is used for sharing meals as well as school work, an area for sharing books and games together, a kitchen area for easy preparation of a snack.


How long will my child be in the Nurture Room for?

Children will attend on a part-time basis for an average of 2 to 4 terms. However we ensure that the children do not miss special times such as; guests in school, outings or anything else that may be different from the normal routine of the week.


When does my child go to the Nurture Room?

KS2 children attend in the morning until lunch time and a mixture of KS1 and KS2  Children attend the Nurture Room in the afternoon until the end of the school day.


What does a day in the Nurture Room look like?


Lunchtime – Concentrating on good manners and the social experience.


English and Maths - Focusing on reading, writing and numeracy.


Physical Education - Developing fitness using exercise and sports.


Creative Curriculum – Topic based work emphasising on imagination and focus activities.


Snack Time – Concentrating on healthy eating and the social experience.


Tidy Up Time – Concentrating on following instructions and taking care of our environment.


Reviewing Targets – Concentrating on individual expectations and group learning objectives.


Circle Time – Concentrating on listening and contributing ideas in a group.


Story Time – Concentrating on listening and understanding.