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Transport Survey

We have promoted scooting and cycling to school.

Some bikes have been donated to our school.  We have given our children the opportunity to learn, how to ride safely.  This has encouraged some of our children to ride their bikes to school.

Leigh St Mary’s C of E Primary’s Travel Plan


During our Eco Committee meeting we discussed our school’s transport issues, regarding the school run.  Together we came up with the following travel plan…


Our school’s transport issues:

The road safety near our school.

The health and fitness of our children.

The pollution created from cars.



To create a safe environment before and after school, around the school grounds.  To encourage a healthy lifestyle and to help reduce our school’s carbon footprint.




For the school

  • Improve safety
  • Reduce congestion
  • Establish safer walking and cycling routes
  • Contribute to an environmental or Eco-school policy
  • Links to the national curriculum including citizenship


For the Local Community

  • Improve the local environment by reducing air and noise pollution
  • Reduce congestion problems
  • Improve walking routes
  • Improve Road Safety


For the Parents

  • Reduce stress and time spent in traffic jams
  • Increase parent-child contact
  • Build better links with the school
  • Save money on petrol


For the Children

  • Improve health and fitness by walking and cycling
  • Improve travel awareness and road user skills
  • Improve awareness of the surroundings


Action Plan:

Our Eco-Committee has come up with the following possible solutions…


  • Walking Bus
  • Eco Newsletter
  • Notice board
  • Car sharing
  • Walk to School Week
  • Information to new parents





Walking Bus

Will discuss with the Friends of Leigh St Marys, the possibility of setting one up. – Speak to the road safety team a Wigan MBC.


Eco Newsletter

Eco committee will put together the first issue. We can use this not only to show parents what we are achieving as a school, but also to help them to become more eco friendly themselves.


Notice Board

Eco Kids to make posters encouraging walking and cycling to school.


Car Sharing

This can be encouraged in our newsletter.


Walk to School Week

It can be introduced in our newsletter.- Speak to the road safety team a Wigan MBC.