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Waste Week 2017

6th-10th March was Waste Week at Leigh St Mary's School.


For Waste Week 2017 we did a survey to see if we could still decrease the amount of rubbish that was going to landfill.   We noticed that although every classroom and the school office had a recycling bin, it was not so easy to recycle in other areas around school.  So we started the week by finding our old waste paper bins from the cellar and bringing them up to reuse them.  We are placing recycle logo labels on the new/old bins and put them in the areas that need them. Then it will be very easy to recycle rubbish everywhere in the school.






Join the Pod's Waste Week Competition:

What could you design and make from old gardening equipment and tools? Our Upcycling Competition is a fantastic opportunity for young people to apply their technological skills and knowledge to a practical challenge – and explore ways of reusing waste materials in a creative context. It’s open to students at schools and groups signed up to Waste Week 2017.


Welly Print Bunting

We sourced a book of roller blind material samples from a local community Scrapstore where they had been saved from going into landfill and cut them into shapes to create the bunting.


We got a local artist, Vicky Tyrrell, to carve images of nature into some of our old school wellies and then we used them to ink print onto the bunting sections.


We also sourced factory scrap ends of tulle material and bias binding from the Scrapstore and used those to string up the bunting to add extra colour in between the printed pieces.


To make our Welly Bunting Project we used...


Used wellies

An old roller blind samples book

Scrap bias binding, tulle material


The children have learned all about taking an item (in our case a welly and a book of roller blind samples) and thinking imaginatively about what else that object or material can be used for, other than it's original purpose.


They have also learned a new art skill of lino printing with ink and rollers and understood what is needed to make bunting. We loved that they had fun making beautiful things for our school with minimal impact on the environment.