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Our Eco-Committee are passionate about reducing the waste that we produce at home and in our school.


We already have green food bins around the school, which are used by the staff and children to collect food waste.  The children are very conscious about putting their fruit and toast waste in the correct bins.  The kitchen staff also recycle the food waste from leftovers at lunch time into the green bins.


We then thought about how we could become even greener!  We began to create an African Compost Heap to compliment our African Keyhole Garden Project.



Our Eco-Committee began the project with the help of Shelia from the Charity - Mission Helping Hands-Uganda.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Eco-Committee's Waster Warrior - Grace

Grace is our Waste Warrior.  Grace is in charge of checking weekly that we are recycling in the correct bins by going and looking in the bins around the school.  


Grace has noticed that some children and grown-ups are not sure exactly what we can recycle.  Grace thought it would be a good idea to make posters, to go up near the bins, with clear instructions as to what goes in them.


Grace carries a little book, in it she records which classes are successfully recycling their rubbish.



We have joined the 'Empties Please' campaign.  This will raise money for the school whilst saving the environment. Yeay :-)
Please check out our Waste Week Campaign 2017 by clicking on the link below...