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Year 1 2017-18

Hello and welcome to Year 1!  Our team consists of Miss Williams, Mrs Grundy, Mrs Carr and Mrs Pilkington-Smith who will all be working alongside your children to ensure they reach their full potential this year.  We have lots of fun in Year 1 and we will be learning lots of new and exciting things.

Year One and Mrs Grundy have been really busy this week in RE! They have been learning all about creation and how God created the world in seven days. They have created a lovely display for our classroom

These children have been busy using the diennes to show how many tens and how many ones are in their chosen number.

Wow! Look how well these two have worked together to complete their castle!

Meet our team Miss Williams, Mrs Grundy, Mrs Carr and Mrs Pilkington-Smith.

Welcome to your new classroom! The Naughty Bus was a story book we read together during transition week and he went missing!! Maybe he will make his way back into school in September... Our reading area allows children to choose a book to quietly read or to explore the small world. In Year 1, everyone has their own chair to sit on. I wonder where you will sit?