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Year 2 2018-19

Welcome to Year 2

Miss Lutas, Mrs Colling and Mrs Pilkington-Smith


Welcome to our class page.

We have lots of fun and are very busy bees in Year 2! This year we will be studying some really exciting topics such as The Place Where I Live, Fighting Fit, Explorers - Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong,The Farm Shop, Wind in The Willows and Buckets and Spades!

Please have a look at our page and see all the wonderful things that we are up to...

Summer 2


Well it is hard to believe we are already on the last half term of this year! We have an exciting 7 weeks lined up. Our theme this half term is 'Buckets and Spades' which is a science and history focus. During the history lessons will look at seaside holidays in the past and compare these to seaside holidays now. During the science lessons we will be looking at materials. We will be carrying out investigations to discover the properties of materials, which material is best suited to making a swimming costume and which material would be best to make a bucket out of. The children have already thought of lots of questions they would like to find out during this topic and have been investigating materials already during half term by completing their science project. 

5.6.19-We have been very creative this week making leaf prints and creating self portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo.

4.6.19 - Our caterpillar friend lost his hat this week and we went out to Forest School to search for it. We are looking forward to writing a set of instructions about 'how to find a missing hat'...

Summer 1

This half term our focus is 'Wind in the Willows'. It is a science and geography focussed half term. We will be learning about animals and their habitats. We will also be finding out about objects that are alive, dead or never alive. Thank you for all the scientific investigations about habitats that you completed over the Easter holidays. We have enjoyed looking at them. Keep your eye on our class page to see what we get up to in class this half term!

23.5.19 - What an exciting way to finish our science topic on habitats. We created our own micro-habitats in Forest School and made sure we included space, shelter, food and water for our minibeasts to survive and enjoy.

22.5.19-We used paint to made our own symmetrical patterns today in maths.

15.5.19 - We went to visit our local church today to find out about the features of a Christian church. Father Kevin showed us around and taught us all about the things we found...

8.5.19 - This afternoon in our Music lesson, we split into groups to act out certain parts of the 'Wind in the Willows' story. Each group had already thought of the music they wanted to have in their section and created a sequence of moves to go with it. At the end of the session each group performed their part to form a whole class retelling of the story. We had great fun!

7.5.19 - We went back out to forest school today to hunt for a mini beast of our choice and look carefully at the habitat we found it in. We then went back to class to research our mini beast further on the ipads and completed a fact file.

30.4.19 - This afternoon we made playdough animals and then discussed the differences between our playdough animal and a real animal. We decided that an animal can breathe, move, reproduce and grow. We then talked about how our playdough animals are non living things and real animals are living.

23.4.19 - We started our science lessons off with a bug hunt in our very own woodland habitat - Forest School! Look what we found!

Spring 2


Another jam packed half term!! This half term our theme is 'The Farm Shop'.

We are looking forward to thinking scientifically and conducting our own experiments to do with plants.

Enjoy looking at what we have been up to...

4.4.19 - Now that we know what a plant needs to be healthy, we have planted our own sunflowers to take home and look after. We also planted up our broad bean seeds from our mini green houses once we had watched them germinate!

2.4.19 - What a wonderful and reflective experience at Prayer Spaces this week!

14.3.19 - We've been busy investigating different seeds in science today. We also learnt about the different parts of a seed. Ask us about the seed coat, the food store and the embryo. I'm sure we'd love to tell you!

13.3.19- Today we set up a scientific investigation about plants. We planted some seeds in 4 different pots. We will give one seed water and sunlight, one just sunlight, one just water and the other will have no water or sunlight at all. We've made our predictions about how we think the plants will grow and we are excited to find out the outcome!

Wow! Take a look at a couple of our letters written to Katy Ashworth from 'I can cook'. Haven't they done well? We have really enjoyed our work about the book 'Dragon Post'.

Great effort everybody! Some super entries for our 'dragon-hibition' after school today!!

Enjoying our visit to the library on world book day.

We were a class full of dragons, knights and princesses today to celebrate world book day and our whole school text 'Dragon Post' by Emma Yarlett.

Spring 1


Welcome to Spring term in Year 2! Our theme this half term is Explorers!

We will be diving into the past in History and will be learning about famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart!


Keep your eyes peeled on our page to have a look what we get up to!


6.2.19 - What a busy day it has been in Year 2! We spent the afternoon looking at the continent of Africa in our Geography lesson. We labelled the different landscapes and identified some countries in Africa and the surrounding oceans and seas!

31.1.19 - An icy day for our Explorers Forest School session. We made dens, built Columbus' boat out of willow and played a hide and seek clue game about Earhart, Columbus and Armstrong.

30.1.19 - After building snowmen and making snow angels, we came inside and enjoyed some hot chocolate whilst listening to the story 'Jolly Snow'.

25119-Under the sea collages

25.1.19-Today was our author day. We were studying Simon Bartram and have enjoyed reading all his explorer stories. Here are some of our explorer costumes!

23.1.19 - We enjoyed spotting all the different things we could find in Atlantis today in English. We are really enjoying the story 'Dougal's deep-sea diary' by Simon Bartram.

Here is a reminder letter about our Author day this Friday! We can't wait to see you all in your explorer costumes and have some exciting activities planned about the author 'Simon Bartram'

Autumn Term


12.12.18 - I thoroughly enjoyed reading our class poems based on Ian McMillan's 'Ten things found in a wizard's pocket'. They tried so hard in their independent write and had some very creative ideas!

Look out for our half term project!

2.11.18 - We had a fun afternoon in Year 2 finding out which material was most suited to be a hankerchief by testing to see how soft it was, how absorbent it was and how strong it was. The cotton wool was the winner! #crestaward

We really enjoyed the daily mile whole school relay!

17.10.18 - We had a great time this afternoon asking Father Kevin the questions we prepared for him in our R.E lesson.

4.10.18 - Well what a fun week of learning we have had! We looked at Leigh in the past during our History lesson, Christians around the world in RE and here are some pictures of us writing our instructions about 'how to get a sheep ready for a show'! Keep up the good work Y2!

25.9.18 - Year 2 enjoyed their sunny trip to Lilford Park this morning where the children developed mapping skills and looked at physical and human geography in our local area.

We used our 'spotters' today to help us with our inference skills.