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Year 3 2018-19

A warm welcome to Year 3!

The Year 3 team (Mrs Coop, Mrs Teasdale, Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Carr) are delighted to welcome you to our class. We already have lots of exciting events planned, including celebrating Roald Dahl day and a visit to The Turnpike as part of the Leigh Canal Festival. There will lots of updates, photographs and information on this class page all year to help you feel involved in your child's learning and the Leigh St. Mary's school community.  Please feel free to come and see us with any questions or comments you have now and at any point during the year. Thank you! 

Summer 2. How Does Your Garden Grow?

We begin our final half-term in Year 3 with an Art Week. We will study the life and work of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. She led an eventful life and her work is easily recognisable with her iconic self-portraits and Aztec print-style backgrounds. We will create our own self-portraits and work on making our own print blocks to emulate the Aztec style. We will then move on to the theme, How Does Your Garden Grow? We will look at the bread-making process, identifying where and how the separate ingredients grow and make our own bread buns. We will then move on to studying plants; we will dissect a flower to identify its parts, look at how water is transported inside a plant and then at plant reproduction in terms of seed dispersal and pollination. In English, we will look at the genre of fairy tales and explore some of the lesser known stories and characters. Maths will be a mixture of measure, division and re-capping some of the earlier concepts in Year 3. Phew! It will be a busy one! Keep a look out for notices for Sports Days and summer events...

3.7.19 Forest school was great fun in the sun! We had a go at worm-charming and made our own cute pinecone bees...

1.7.19 Today in science we have been exploring the pollination process. We made our own flowers, complete with stigma and stamens and then flew our bees in to get covered in the pollen (paprika powder!) and transfer it to our partner's flower...

28.6.19 In English, we set up our own tunnel to experience what Jack and Rose would have when they entered the tunnel in the story, The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. We will start our last final large piece of writing next week.

27.6.19 We went to Lilford Woods to experience the 'real-life' forest setting. We looked and listened carefully to the sights and sounds and gathered vocabulary to use in our writing.

21.6.19 It has been assessment week this week so to re-energise ourselves between papers we have been making the fairytale character to match our character description writing based on the text Inside the Villains. The book has lots of lift the flap and hidden features and we re-created these ourselves...

20.6.19 Science. We explored how plants transport water through their roots and up the stem to the leaves and the flower. We used experimented with kitchen roll, pen and water to watch the process of absorbtion and transportation. Fascinating!

19.6.19 Today we completd our 5th CREST Award looking at Journey Sticks. These origate from Aboriginal tribes where written language was replaced with significant objects tied or attached to a stick. The children were really imaginative and told their 'stories' beautifully.

13.6.19 What a fun afternoon baking our own hedgehog bread! We mixed, kneaded and shaped. It tasted delicious warm with butter! Thank you Mrs Teasdale for being our resident Mary Berry!

12.6.19 Today we have completed our 4th CREST Award named 'Under Our Feet'. We made a stick frame then looked really closely at what was inside. We classified, compared and named what we could! Then, we sketched and shaded a sample of the things we found..

10.6.19 Design and Technology. Today we explored where bread is made and the ingredients needed. We watched the Warburtons film on how bread is made on a factory-scale, we sequenced and described the process and finally...we tasted a variety of different breads...yum!

7.6.19 This week has been a week of measure in maths. We have also completed two Science Crest Award activities to work towards a final award at the end of the year. We made rockets and used m and cm to measure how far they travelled, we explored scales and how to read them accurately and today we made a variety of bridges and measured the total mass each one would support. There were some great designs and evidence of lots of growth mindset attitudes to complete the task!

7.6.19 Art Week. This week we have looked at the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We worked over three afternoons to produce our final self-portraits on an Aztec background. We used watercolour, pastel, charcoal and a range of sketching pencils to complete our masterpieces! Click the star to view the full week.

Summer 1. Who Were the Romans?

This half term we will investigate the Learning Question: Who Were the Romans?

We will begin by learning who the Romans were, where they invaded and how they did it. We will look closely at what it took to be a Roman soldier and the armour and equipment they wore and used. We will explore many different elements of Roman life; food, housing, mosaics and Roman numerals and look at how their influence affects the way we live today. We will look at notable characters including Julius Caesar and the formidable Boudicca! Please feel free to contribute learning from home - this might be research or a craft you have made. We love sharing these achievements in class and you will star on this class web page too!




23.5.19 Science. We concluded our Science investigation of bones and muscles by making our own 'bionic hand'. We looked carefully at the structure of a human hand and then used a handprint, string, tape and a huge amount of perseverance to complete our own. I saw lots of positive growth mindsets and some children who did not complete the task in class even took it home and finished it there. Well done - you showed true grit and determination!

17.5.19 Maths. This week we have focussed on understanding equivalent fractions - we built fraction walls and compared the equal parts, we coloured as many equivalent fractions to one half as we could find and we solved fraction problems. Next week we will log on to 2Simple - Maths - Maths games - Frac Wall to embed this learning. Please practise at home if you can!

16.5.19 Science. This week we learned about the human skeleton in Science. We constructed our own and then we labelled as many bones as we could.

15.5.19 We designed and made our own Roman 'ballista' catapults. We tested their efficiency by aiming at Boudicca (Mrs Whittaker!) and seeing who's design and construction was the most successful. Great fun!

9.5.19 We LOVED our trip to Chester to the Grosvenor museum. We visited two galleries first to explore Roman artefacts and their significance. Then we attended a workshop where we looked at the Roman baths, some archaeological finds and dressed up as Emperors or slaves. In the afternoon, we put on our Lorica Segmentata (armour) and walked to the ampitheatre. There we practised army formations and ran at a group of rowdy Celts (the grown-ups!). It was a fantastic day full of great learning experiences and the class were a credit to Leigh St. Mary's. Click the star for the full album.

3.5.19 We have been designing our own Roman shields. Did you know...? The lightning represents Jupiter, King of the Gods, the eagle was the symbol of the Roman army and the wreath signified victory.

29.4.19 We thought Ethan made a fantastic Emperor Claudius! How will he deal with Boudicca and her fierce Celts...?

26.4.19 What an amazing start to the summer term! Thank you to Adelaide, James, Lacey and Ami who all bought in wonderful contributions they had worked on at home... keep them coming Year 3!

Chester Trip Letter (9.5.19)

Spring 2. May the Force Be With You...

This half-term we will be exploring our theme 'May the Force Be With You...' This is a science-based subject, investigating forces, friction and magnetism. We will identify different forces and discuss how different forces affect various objects. We will carry out a scientific enquiry to understand friction - this will involve toy cars and ramps! Finally, we will explore magnetism; magnets' size and strength and how the poles work. We will conclude with a Design and Technology study making a magnetic game. In English, our core text will be the classic, The Iron man by Ted Hughes. 


We will go swimming every Friday until the end of Year 3.



1.4.19 Design and Technology. Today we have finished making our magnetic games and tested their effectiveness with our friends. We will evaluate our design and construction with a critical eye later in the week!


We look forward to sharing this lovely occasion with you!

27.3.19 Year 2 and 3 Mothers' Day Afternoon Tea was a special occasion. We sang You Can Count on Me by Bruno Mars and then enjoyed tea, juice and cakes with our mums. Thank you for coming!

21.3.19 Design and Technology. This week we have been designing our own magnetic games - we considered its purpose and audience. We looked at the materials available, how these would be added/joined and how and where the magnets would be attached to make the game function. Next week we will make the game and evaluate its effectiveness.

13.3.19 This week in maths we have been exploring angles; right-angles, acute and obtuse. We began by finding right-angles in our environment using a right-angle checker. We then found each type in 2D shapes.

7.3.19 World Book Day was great fun! We dressed up on a dragon-theme, visited the library and presented our crafts from home and our clay eyes at the Dragon-hibition after school.

7.3.19 We designed and made our clay dragon eyes this week and the results were spectacular! Well done Year 3!

1.3.19 We LOVE our dragon text, Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett. We are writing to Knowsley Safari Park to see if they can accommodate our dragon - he is just too big, too fiery and too loud! We have planned our dragon enclosure...

25.2.19 What a lovely start to our half-term. We visited the library this afternoon. Four more children became members and borrowed their first books. Look how engrossed the children were in their book choices!

World Book Day - a dragon-themed day! Thursday 7th March.

Spring 1. How Amazing is our Earth?

This half-term we will focus on scientific enquiry around how our Earth is made and in particular, the rocks and soils that feature in our own environment and in different areas of the world. We will also explore fossilisation and discover the famous Palaeontologist, Mary Anning. Towards the latter half of this half-term we will look at the extremes of our Earth - volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis as well as extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. Reading will be a large focus in the coming weeks and we will spend time exploring a variety of books individually, in small groups and as a whole-class. Please return to this web page regularly to keep in touch with our discoveries!


8.2.19 Jackson and Ami both made volcanoes at home for us to 'explode' in school. Great scientific fun!

4.2.19 Thank you to Tia for bringing in a homemade volcano ready to erupt in our classroom! We added washing up liquid and vinegar to baking soda and the 'lava' bubbled out of the top. We were fascinated!

8.2.19 Olivia went to the History Museum in Liverpool to discover even more about fossils and ammonnites. Well done Olivia!

1.2.19 We were very excited to receive a response to our Mary Anning biographys from 'Mary Anning Rocks' . We even received a 150 million year old ammonite as a gift!

31.1.19 Thank you to Adelaide for the tasty chocolate 'igneous' rocks - they were delicious! The erupting volcano was such a clever idea - the lava sliding out of the top...

30.1.19 We are really enjoying our work with Mr Holland - teamwork, co-operation and muscle needed!

24.1.19 This week we carried out an experiment on clay, chalk, sandy and peat soils to discover which was the most and least permeable. We discussed which variables must stay the same for a fair test.

17.1.19 In Science, we examined fossils, found out how they were formed and drew/crafted our own.

Thank you to Ethan for bringing the fossil his Nana found on a beach on the Isle of Wight in. We were fascinated!

17.1.19 During English, we have researched Mary Anning, the 19th Century palaeontologist, ready to write her biograhy...

16.1.19 We started learning how to write computer code using - a website designed by WILL.I.AM. The children were naturals!

7.1.19 Are you a rock star?

Autumn 2. Who Lived in a Cave?

This half-term we will be exploring the learning question - Who Lived in a Cave? We will investigate how people lived in the Stone Age period - where did they live? what did they eat? how did they get their food? why did they move around? how do we know about their lifestyles so many years later...? In English, we will use high quality texts such as Ug by Raymond Briggs, Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamoura and How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Kate Robinson. We will explore Stone Age cave paintings and bone jewellery. Watch this space for an announcement on our Forest School Stone Age Day - all welcome!

20.12.18 KS2 Christmas Party. We had a fun-filled afternoon of face paints, games, discos and sweets to celebrate Christmas. We enjoyed seeing Father Christmas too!

18.12.18 Lots of children in Year 3 took part in the Icelandic-inspired Jolabokaflod book exchange. Reading and chocolate - a winning combination!

13.12.18 The rehearsal for our Carol Service and the Christingle in action! I'm sure you were as proud as we were of the children - they were amazing!

3.12.18 Design and Technology. We have been using our design and construction skills to make our own Stonehenge monuments. We experimented with different materials and fixings to build it - afterwards we evaluated our designs, thinking about what went well and what we would do differently next time.

30.11.18 In English we made our own 'spinners' and watched them falling to gather verbs for our writing. Our verbs included, twirling, swirling, floating and fluttering...

28.11.18 Forest School Stone Age Day. What a wonderful day we had exploring our Stone Age topic even further! We made our own paintbrushes, shot at apples using bows and arrows we made ourselves, cooked our own toast on the fire and made shelters for when the rain came! The children also practised their skills of cooperation, perseverance and trust. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who joined us - we enjoyed welcoming you into our class for the day. Click on the star for the full album.

16.11.18 Our graffit wall, inspired by the local art in Leigh of Tony Kelzo, looks amazing... #chooserespect #neverbully #bekind

12.11.18 Anti-Bullying Week. This morning we discussed #chooserespect and what that means. We made our own comic strips to show what bullying can look like and how it can also be resolved. This afternoon we completed graffiti art, inspired by local artist kELzO, to #chooserespect. Watch out for the graffiti on display soon...

12.11.18 Well done to Shaun for a fantastic fact file completed at home.

Forest School Stone Age Day 28.11.18

7.11.18 Remembrance Exhibition at Leigh St.Mary's Parish Church. We visited the wonderful Remembrance Exhibition today - the children were respectful and and interested in the displays. A member of the public commented on their outstanding behaviour. Well done Year 3.

5.11.18 Today we made our own pieces of Stone Age jewellery using clay and tools. Look out for us wearing our 'teeth and bones' when they are dry!

Half-term Challenge. Thank you for all the effort and support given over half-term! The children have produced some amazing models, research and have already developed a great understanding of the subject. We have thoroughly enjoyed hearing each other's fact-finding missions and looking at the work produced.

Week Beg 29.10.18 We have really enjoyed the start of our Stone Age topic. We began the week by looking at artefacts like bones, flint, berries and fur pelts to think about how Stone Age people might have lived. Once we had learned about their dwellings and hunter-gathering lifestyle, we made our own camps.

2.11.18 Science afternoon - CREST award. We spent the afternoon looking at our fingerprints to explore their patterns, compare them to our friends' and then deciding whether we could take a register using just our fingerprints...

19.10.18 We finished our history topic by welcoming Marilyn and Chris into class to hear some of the mill diaries we have written. The children read beautifully and our visitors were blown away by the amount of knowledge and understanding the class have built up during the last half term. Well done Year 3!

18.10.18 This week our gallery of 'pit prop art' was completed. The children were inspired by our visit to Astley pit and the results are amazing! We began by learning how to shade and tint with oil pastels and made a beautiful sunset background. Next we used line drawing to re-create the shapes of the pithead winding gear. Finally, we used black oil pastels to draw the silhouette of the mining equipment on the background. I'm sure you will agree - the results are stunning! Click the star for the full album...

12.10.18 Martha, Isabella and Charlotte were inspired by our class novel, The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. Are they the next Mildred Hubble?!

3.10.18 Our trip to Astley Green Pit Museum was a huge success! The children learned an enormous amount from the guides at the colliery and their behaviour was a credit to the school. Click the star for the full album.

28.9.18 We have had an amazing week talking about life down't pit! We have researched what life would have been like for a Victorian child worker in the mines, crawled under the tables to generate vocabulary in our writing like 'cramped' and 'despairing'. Adelaide and Lacey bought in great artefacts and fact files from home...We welcomed Eric in to class to talk about his experiences as a miner in the Atherton collieries - the children asked great questions and were fascinated by his answers. We were very surprised to find out he preferred his job in the mine to his job on the buses! Thank you Eric!