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Year 3 Class

A warm welcome to Year 3!

I am Mrs Coop, your Year 3 class teacher, and I am delighted to welcome you to our class. Mrs Teasdale will be our classroom assistant this year and we are both excited to start a year of fun, friendship and learning with your child and you.  We already have lots of exciting events planned, including celebrating Roald Dahl day and a trip to Astley Pit. There will lots of updates, photographs and information on this class page all year to help you feel involved in your child's learning and the Leigh St. Mary's school community.  Please feel free to come and see us with any questions or comments you have now and at any point during the year. Thank you! 

Spring 2. May the Force Be With You!

This half-term we will be exploring our theme 'May the Force Be With You...' This is a science-based subject, investigating forces, friction and magnetism. We will identify different forces and discuss how different forces affect various objects. We will carry out a scientific enquiry to understand friction - this will involve toy cars and ramps! Finally, we will explore magnetism; magnets' size and strength and how the poles work. We will conclude with a Design and Technology study making a magnetic game. In English, our core text will be the classic, The Iron man by Ted Hughes. 


We will go swimming every Friday until the end of Year 3.



World Book Day 5.3.20 We enjoyed WBD day in Year 3. We made our magic carpets, went to Leigh Library and enjoyed sharing books with our friends in class. Our Story Spuds were super too!

Art 5.3.20 We have been inspired by the magic carpet in our text, Journey. We used a variety of textiles to create our own; we explored colour families, collaged textures and Mrs Teasdale set up a sewing station for stitching on buttons and beads. The results are amazing...!

26.2.20 English. We love our World Book Day text, Journey by Aaron Becker...Today we have enjoyed lots of sensory experiences to help us to imagine being in the wondrous, Arabic land illustrated in the text. We have smelled spices from the souk, imagined flying on our own magic carpet, made patterns in desert sand and found out lots of new vocabulary for the amazing city. We are working towards writing our own narrative, describing flying over this evocative world...

World Book Day Letter (5.3.20)

Spring 1. How Amazing is our Earth?

This half-term we will focus on scientific enquiry around how our Earth is made and in particular, the rocks and soils that feature in our own environment and in different areas of the world. We will also explore fossilisation and discover the famous Palaeontologist, Mary Anning. Towards the latter half of this half-term we will look at the extremes of our Earth - volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis as well as extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. Reading will be a large focus as always in the coming weeks and we will spend time exploring a variety of books individually, in small groups and as a whole-class. We will also spend lots of time on times tables so keep up the hard work at home! Please return to this web page regularly to keep in touch with our discoveries!

12.2.20 Amelia made this amazing volcano and bought in all the ingredients to make it erupt. We loved it!

12.2.20 Geography. We worked together to research famous volcanoes - to find out where they are and why they are in certain parts of the world and not others. We presented the information in a poster fact file the following day.

11.2.20 Today we concluded our 6-week dance unit based on Extreme Earth. The skills we have learned are improvisation, awareness of others and cooperation within a group. Our final routine was a montage putting all our dance moves together into one performance. We performed it to the Wagner classic, Ride of the Valkries.

6.2.20 We are motoring with our times tables. We love the 'counter game' where the highest times table answer wins a counter. You can take the counter from the middle or from your partner!

Study in your slippers! Bring a pair of slippers to wear in class. A relaxed body is a productive mind!

13.1.20 This week we are looking at the features of a biography. We are reading the Little People, Big Dreams text about Muhammad Ali. Harvey bought this great picture in to help our learning!

13.1.20 We started our maths unit on fractions by building a fraction wall and spotting the patterns and 'rules' we might need to follow.

Autumn 2 Who Lives in a Cave?

This half-term we will explore the Stone Age period and use our historical enquiry skills to explore and answer a variety of questions about this era. 

28.10.19 Today we began our topic in English by looking at a variety of artefacts and sharing ideas about what we already know and preparing our own questions to answer throughout our learning.


Christmas Party! We had a great time at the Y3/4 Christmas Party - we danced, played pass the parcel, had face paints and tattoos and then met that special Christmas person...

5.12.19 Stone Age Forest School morning. We had a wonderful day in Forest School to complete our Stone Age theme. We lit fires with flint, made dens, bows and arrows and clay pots. We mixed our own charcoal cave paint and painted with homemade brushes. We even had a surprise visit from a special person! We rounded up the morning by making chocolate-dipped s'mores on the camp fire! Click on the star to see the full album...

27.11.19 Design and Technology. This week we have completed a DT unit by exploring the iconic monument of Stone Henge. We investigated how to make a piece of card stay upright by using fixing techniques then we constructed our full design. We included the large Sarsen stones, the inner blue stones in a horseshoe shape and the 'altar' stone in the centre. Next week we will evaluate our design and construction with a critical eye!

25.11.19 Maths. This week we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We have named them and described their properties. In particular, we have looked at polygons (straight-sided shapes) and learned that not all 5, 6 and 8-sided shapes are regular pentagon, hexagons and octagons.

22.11.19 English. We made 'spinners' to explore the verbs we might use in our writing to describe the word 'falling'. We came up with some super alliterative phrases like 'twirling, turning and tumbling' and 'floating, fluttering and flipping'.

19.11.19 Stone Age jewellery. This week we have explored the types of decorations and adornments worn by the Stone Age people. They made their jewellery out of teeth, tusks and bone. We re-created our own necklaces and afterwards, we wrote the 'story' of where our necklace parts came from...

We will enhance our learning about the Stone Age with a day in Forest School on Wednesday 4th December, making shelters, tools and fires. Would you like to join us...? Read the letter to find out more...

6.11.19 Today we enjoyed creating our own cave art. We drew pencil sketches, practised using line and colour with pastels and charcoal then mixed powder paint to complete our paintings. We think they look like the real thing!

Half-Term Challenge! Look at the amazing outcomes made by children learning about our new topic over half-term...each craft or written piece is so detailed and creative. I love them!

30.10.19 Book Time! This is one of our favourite times of the week - choosing new or favourite books to read alone or to share with our friends...

28.10.19 Exploring artefacts to start our learning...

Autumn 1 Don't Be Scared...

Our first Learning Questions are based around the warning Don't Be Scared...We will begin with a science focus on light and dark; we will explore sources of light, investigate reflection and understand shadows. We will then move on to history/geography where we will look at the history of Leigh, in particular, it's strong mill and mining heritage. We will compare maps of the 19th and 21st Century to understand how and why our landscape has changed.

**Parents' Evening appointments 4-6pm Mon 14th and Tues 15th October** 


Please see me if you need to arrange a time. Thank you!

11.10.19 Pit Art! We spent this morning using our art skills to create a piece of work from our visit to Astley Pit Museum. We practised shading, blending, hatching and line drawing with pencil, pastel and charcoal. The results are stunning!

7.10.19 Wigan Healthy Lifestyles came into school this morning to talk to Year 3 about Road Safety. This was a highly interactive experience that involved role play and drama - all with a very important message whan crossing roads - Look, Listen, Think, Cross!

4.10.19 Our class trip to Lancashire Mining Museum. We had a great (slightly soggy!) morning at the pit museum at Astley. We looked at mining equipment, large and small, and went in the enging house. We loved the miners' cottage where we dressed up, sat by the fire and pretended to go to sleep in the narrow bed upstairs. A huge thanks goes to the museum volunteers who gave their time to show us round and to provide loads of historical information. We loved it! Click on the star for the full album...

25.9.19 History. We began our unit of work on our local industrial history in Leigh by looking at some mining artefacts and researching what coal mining is all about...we were surprised to find that the canary was the unsung hero of the coal mining era!

Astley Pit Museum trip letter 4.10.19

24.9.19 Science. We completed our Science unit on light and dark today by looking at how and why shadows change size. We had great fun making shadow shapes on the celiing and working out how to make them larger and smaller.

16.9.19 Science. Today we looked at how shadows are formed. First we looked at transparent, translucent and opaque materials and worked out that opaque materials block the most light most and therefore create the most effective shadows. We then made our own puppets and performed puppet shadow theatre shows for our friends.

13.9.19 Roald Dahl Day 2019! We had a fantastic day on Friday, dressing up and thinking about our text Fantastic Mr Fox all day. We completed our writing - a character description of Farmer Bean - and then we made story boxes of our favourite scene in the text. We invited staff and children to see our work in an exhibition and they were all very impressed! Well done to our exhibition guides who talked to our guests about our work.

5.9.19 Life Caravan. We enjoyed our class session in the Life Caravan learning all about how to look after our bodies and our brains. We even met a friendly giraffe!

4.9.19 Today we looked at how light travels and we learned that light can be reflected. We investigated how effective different materials are at reflecting light and we discovered that the mirror and the retro-reflective jacket were the best!

3.9.19 Our first day in Year 3! We explored the books and resources in the reading corner after a busy first day...

Roald Dahl Day 13.9.19 Cereal box letter 9.9.19

I hope you all received your Roald Dahl postcard? This was a lovely way for me to let you know how much I am looking forward to seeing you and to prepare us for our first book - Fantastic Mr Fox!

Meet the Teacher class information sheet Sep 2019