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Year 3 Mrs Coop 2016-2017

Welcome to Year 3!

Mrs Coop and Mrs Knowles


Welcome to our Year 3 class page.


Summer 2

Our final half-term begins with the Learning Challenge May the Force Be With You... We will be using our scientific skills to research forces and magnets, eventually using everything we find out to make our own magnet games. In English we will looking at the iconic book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes - this high quality text will provide many opportunities for different genres of writing including poetry, newspaper reports and letters. This will be a busy half-term as we begin to look towards the adventure awaiting in Year 4 - there will be many transition activities to support the move. 


Summer 1

This half-term our Learning Question is How does your garden grow? We will be exploring plants - what they need to survive, the pollination process and life cycle. We also look forward to a visit from Warburton's bakery on 3rd May to learn about baking bread. In English we will be exploring fairy tales and fantasy, starting with Beauty and the Beast. Have you seen it during the Easter holidays...? We will be really focussing on our times tables this term so keep practising!!


Spring 1

We have had an exciting start to our year - we have already found out about our local mills and mines and journeyed back in time as far as The Stone Age! Last half-term we  looked at the Learning Question 'How amazing is our Earth?' We looked at the Earth's layers and  worked as a team to be 'Rock Stars' to create an amazing rock collection! We loved investigating volcanoes and we concluded our topic by finding out how powerful Mother Nature can be... 


Spring 2

This half-term we begin with a whole-school text week to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. The book is a beautifully written and illustrated story called The Tin Forest by Helen Ward. However, we will spend most of this half-term researching the Learning Question 'Who were the Romans?' So far, we have researched Roman soldiers and the army and been to Chester where we visited the Roman museum and marched to the old amphitheatre dressed as soldiers. Please look at the photo gallery to see our fantastic day!


We are finishing the half-term by looking at the muscle and skeleton structures of humans and animals.


12.7.17 Lilford Park Adventure Day. A fantastic day!!

23.6.17 The Eiffel Tower Challenge! We developed our team work skills and our resilience in the face of a challenge. Half-way through we gave each group some top tips on how they could improve their tower. The end results were fantastic!

22.6.17 Art Exhibition - Thank you for supporting our event. The feedback you gave was over-whelmingly positive and I know the children loved showing off their hard work!

Please come to our Art Exhibition Thursday 22nd June 3.30pm.

26.5.17 Happy Holidays! We finished this half-term with a very welcome ice lolly. Phew!

Our Class Assembly is on Wednesday 24th May at 9am. All welcome!

10.5.17 Art Workshop - Focus on Georgia O'Keeffe


We will be welcoming artist Isobel Pickup back into our class on Wednesday 17th May. Isobel worked with us earlier in the year to produce our fabulous Lowry class painting which still has pride of place in our classroom! The artist we will be studying is Georgia O'Keeffe - can you google her and find out more about her style of art work?


Please can you provide an old shirt for your child to wear over their uniform on the art day - thank you frown



We are really looking forward to welcoming Warburtons into class this week. We will learn where a variety of ingredients come from, how to measure and mix them and then bake our own bread. Mmm - the taste tests will be great!frown

 Photos to follow!

Enjoy your Easter from all in Year 3!

Well done to Abbie, our latest Leigh Centurion family ticket winner! Abbie has reached the halfway mark 'reading around the team'. She has 14 squad members now and has read a wide selection of books. Keeeeeeeeeeeep reeeeeaaaaaading!!

27.3.17 Today we have been studying the human skeleton, making it out of art straws and labelling the various bones. Ask us where the biggest and and smallest bones are in our bodies...

24.3.17 This week we have been looking at muscle types and the structures of muscles in our bodies. We are learning why humans and animals need muscles and skeletons for support, protection and movement.

20.3.17 Mothers Day Afternoon Tea - What a gorgeous afternoon! Thank you for coming to spend the time with us, we loved it!

Let's Sing Information... (22.3.17)

15.3.17 Designing, making and evaluating Roman Catapults. We checked how well they fired by catapulting a marshmallow to our partners!

9.3.17 We are poets! Well done to the poets who had the confidence to stand up and recite their simile poem to the class...

Have you met APE yet? Ape's job is to help us to talk about the reasons behind our answers. He stands for Answer it, Prove it, Explain it. He can be very argumentative but we all love him! Thank you to Cleo for accessorising him too!

6.3.17 Look at our Angle Challenge! We made Roman forts to investigate angles in shapes - can you spot acute, right and obtuse angles in our designs?

Romans Half-Term Homework Challenge and Chester - Romans trip

READ ALL ABOUT IT...!!! This week (13.2.17) we were roving reporters. We researched tornadoes and wrote a newspaper article about a storm chaser. There were some fantastic adjectival phrases: Skye - 'four dust devil tornadoes', Archie - 'it looked like a slithering snake, twisting like a ballerina', Georgia - 'a monster twirling on a deadly dancefloor'. WOW!!

This week (13.2.17) we learned about measure. We used g and kg to investigate mass and ml and l to explore capacity. We used our number skills to estimate the mass or the capacity then we used the scales and the containers to check our judgements. We were surprised to find that the short fat container held 1000ml just like the tall thin one!


Well done to our first winner of the Read Around the Team Challenge: Lucy won a family ticket to a Super League game! Make sure you have 14 players in your squad by Easter by reading 14 different texts. Good luck!

Read Around the Team Challenge

Have you added 7 players to your team sheet? If so, make sure you add your name to the list of children in the prize draw to win our very first Family Ticket Voucher to a Super League game at Leigh Centurions! The draw will be made on Friday 17th February.

Keeeeeeeeep Reeeaaaading!!

More fantastic homemade volcanoes - well done Tillie, Jessica, Lexi and Lucy! We have all been busy making information leaflets this week. We really have found out amazing volcano facts...

NO PENS WEDNESDAY! We acted out scenes from our focus text Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit on No Pens Wednesday. We came up with excellent word choices to describe what we could see, hear, taste and how Tranio and Livia felt as their day unfolded...

This week we have been learning to use fractions. We have ordered unit fractions (the numerator at the top is always 1), made a variety of non-unit fractions (the numerator is not 1) and we are beginning to explore equivalent fractions. Busy, busy, busy!

Abbie made this amazing volcano at home over the weekend - we love it Abbie! Well done (and well done Mum!). Great work too from Finnley and Evie - these are fantastic!


This week (week beg 30.1.17) we are launching the Year 3 Leigh Centurions Read Around the Team Reading Challenge... Each child will have a Reading Bingo board with 28 text choices to make and to read. When they have read that genre they will add the corresponding player number to their squad sheet. The challenge is to read often and widely and to choose to read books you might not usually! This idea has been generously supported by Leigh Centurions Super League Club - they have provided vouchers to a Super League game as prizes along the way and long-standing supporter of the club and school Governor, Allan Marsh, has suppplied a signed rugby ball as the end of challenge prize.


smileyGood Luck and Happy Reading!smiley



Leigh Centurions - Read Around the Team Reading Challenge!

Today we have been investigating different soil types and observing the effects of water on them. We are learning to record our results scientifically!

You are Rock Stars! Year 3 all rose to the challenge of adding an exciting rock to the Class Collection. They answered lots of questions about where their rock is from and what type of rock it is. They really did come from all four corners of the Earth!