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Year 3 Mrs Coop 2017-2018

Year 3 - Summer 2


How Does Your Garden Grow?

We will spend our final half-term exploring the Learning Question 'How Does Your Garden Grow?'. We will use our scientific skills to dissect a flower to identify and label its parts and their function. We will look at how a plant transports water to live. We will investigate which foods are grown either as a food direct to the table or as an ingredient. Warburtons Bakery will visit us in school to bake bread and look at where the flour comes from. We will put our 'artist's hats' on to observe and sketch plants carefully and to paint in the style of the artist, Georgia O'Keefe. In English, we will will explore more unusual fairy tales and in maths we will re-visit number and measure topics.

9.7.18 I am really looking forward to welcoming my new Year 3 class on Wednesday 11th July. Parents - please 'drop-in' to see me and to take a look at your child's new classroom after school. Sign in via the school office. See you then! smiley


5.7.18 Look at our finished poppy paintings, inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe - they are really stunning. Well done Year 3. They will be displayed outside their new Year 4 classroom for all to see...

2.7.18 Today we have explored the pollination process. We made a flower using a polystyrene cup and made the stigma and anthers using pipe cleaners. We put pollen (paprika!) on the sticky stigma and watched the bee collect it on its legs as it flew in...

28.6.18 Look at our beautiful paintings inspired by the poppy art of Georgia O'Keeffe. We will finish them next week...

21.6.18 English. Exploring the book 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. We made our own tunnel to gather vocabulary for our own writing and during our visit to Lilford woods we wrote adjectival phrases. For example, crunchy twigs snapping..., weaving vines winding..., velvety moss covering...

18.6.18 Our science focus today was to understand how water is transported around plants. We carried out an experiment using felt tip on kitchen roll then wetting it to watch how the water is absorbed - just like a plant's roots!

13.6.18   Today we had a visit from Warburton's Bakery. We learned such a lot about the process of breadmaking, it was really interesting. This links to our Design and Technology work this half term. We also found out about the history of the bakery and how it has changed over the years.

We donned our hairnets and aprons and became master bakers!! The results looked amazing and smelled amazing!         

6.6.18 Today we spent the afternoon in Forest School practising our sketching skills. We used different media to draw with and we focussed on looking really closely at the leaves to make our sketches as accurate as possible. Look at the concentration! The results were amazing! Click on the star for the album...

Half-term challenge...

Year 3 - Summer 1

Who Were The Romans?


This half-term we will be considering the Learning Question  Who Were the Romans? We will be looking at the growth of the Roman Empire, it's rulers and army and it's enemies. We will look at how the army were so organised and efficient and we will welcome a Roman Soldier into school to teach us about life as a foot soldier during that era. We will also learn about Boudicca and why she was loved and hated in equal measure...


Look at the Easter Challenge if you would like to make a start during the holidays.

***Our class assembly is on Wednesday 23rd May at 9am***

19.5.18 Celebrating the Royal Wedding with lunch on the lawn!

9.5.18 Our visit from a Roman soldier...We welcomed a real Centurion into class today and we had a wonderful time. We acted in role, followed orders (in Latin!), learned more about the life of an auxiliary soldier, sorted real artefacts and learned how to throw a spear. The children behaved beautifully throughout the day. Well done! Click on the star to view the full album.

2.5.18 This week we designed and made our own Roman balistas (catapult). We tested them on the playground - did you hit the barbarian (Mrs Coop)?! Later in the week we evaluated our design; what went well and what we would do differently next time.

30.4.18 The shields keep coming - great job! Well done!

25.4.18 Following the children's interest in Roman shields, we investigated what symbols the Romans chose to use on their shields and why. We found out that the eagles' wings represented the Roman army, lightning strikes symbolised Jupiter, king of the Roman Gods, the colour red symbolised Mars the Roman god of war and the wreath represented Victory. The emperors wore a golden wreath instead of a crown.

25.4.18 Two more fabulous shields - well done Lilah and Lily! Keep them coming!

23.4.18 This week we will begin to learn how to multiply larger numbers. Attached is the letter sent out with some guidance on how to support your child's learning at home.

20.4.18 Phew! It was hot today - especially after a trip to the swimming baths! Here we are cooling down...

20.4.18 Thank you to Lucas for making an excellent Roman shield. We have found out that the silver part in the middle of the shield is called the 'boss'. Next week we will conduct lots more research on Roman armour and weaponry.

19.4.18 What an amazing start to our topic! Lucie and Dylan have both worked hard over the holidays to make Roman shields. Lucie explained her shield design came from a Legion in the Roman army and Dylan explained the Roman numerals on his. Lucie also bought in some Roman coins to show us. Great work!

Romans Easter Challenge

Year 3 - Spring 2

May The Force Be With You...


This half-term our topic is based around forces - pushes and pulls and magnetism. We will be carrying out science experiments to discover the properties of these and exploring how magnets work and the different ways we can use them. Our text will be The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

26.3.18 Well done to Adam (and his Mum!) who have made their very first Powerpoint. It was all about magnets and Adam presented it beautifully.

26.3.18 Today we welcomed Rhema into school to explore the Easter story. We listened to the Easter story during whole-school worship and then later we had our class workshop. In groups we 'freeze-framed' the story. Our class behaviour was impeccable. I am so proud!

23.3.18 We are very proud of Spike - he designed and made an Easter garden with Mrs Catchatoor to share with the class. Well done!

22.3.18 Using right angles, acute and obtuse angles to create our own Iron Man in maths...

14.3.18 Thank you for bringing in examples of magnets from home for our science topic...

14.3.18 Right-angle detectives...this week we have been finding right-angles around school. They are everywhere!

1.3.18 World Book Day. We have thoroughly enjoyed our poem, Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen this week. The writing from this was fabulous! Also, well done to Ella for winning a book for her surprise candy cake. Click the star for lots more photos of our book week.

Year 3 - Spring 1

How Amazing Is Our Earth?

This half-term we will be answering the Learning Question 'How amazing is our earth?'. We will be looking at the layers within planet Earth, different rock types and their formation, fossils, soil types and the natural events that happen in various parts of the world such as earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme weathers.


We will be looking at the challenge - Can you be a rock star...? I am looking forward to seeing the collection of rocks we can find. 

13.2.18 Love Doreen Disco...movers and shakers...!!

16.2.17 The enthusiasm for our Amazing Earth topic has not dwindled! Thank you Grace for a powerpoint on Pompeii, to Lilah for an amazing volcano and to Lucie for a powerpoint on earthquakes...

15.2.18 We explored capacity using different sizes of containers, estimating and then checking how many jugs or spoonfuls it would take to fill them. We learned lots but our fingers were very cold!

7.2.18 The enthusiasm for volcanoes continues! Thanks to Grace for her playdough Vesuvius, to Lily for her Pompeii 'cocktail' and to Ella for her model volcano - they are brilliant! Lucas has bought in his dragon that transforms from an egg into a fiery creature, inspired by our text 'Tell me a Dragon' by Jackie Morris.

26.1.18 Paul Klee Art Day. We used the artist Paul Klee as inspiration for our own work. We completed volcano pictures in his distinctive style... which is your favourite? Click on the star to see the full album.

26.1.18 Thank you Adam for your bringing in your picture and your volcano non-fiction text. I love your enthusiasm for our topic!

24.1.18 Today we have been Super Scientists. We set up an experiment to test the permeability of four different soils - chalk, peat, sandy and clay. Which do you think was the most / least permeable? Well done to Ava and Layla for two correct predictions!

22.1.18 Lucie's amazing volcano! Well done Lucie for making this at home - she described how she made it perfectly too...

18.1.18 Today we started our 5 week partnership with the Leigh Centurions. We will learn basic rugby skills, but more importantly, teamwork, perseverance and respect.

18.1.18 Rubgy Information Letter

11.1.18 We really ARE rock stars! The children have been bringing in their rocks all week and have enjoyed sharing where they came from and what rock type they are...

11.1.18 We have really enjoyed researching the famous palaentologist, Mary Anning this week. Here we are sequencing her life story into our own books. We are working hard to write her biography.

11.1.18 Practising our word processing skills by copying and pasting from Google into Microsoft Word. Well done!

Are you a rock star...?

4.1.18 Today we have been practising our dictionary skills by ordering alphabetically.

Year 3 - Autumn 2

Who Lived in a Cave?


This half-term we will be answering the Learning Question Who Lived in a Cave? We will focus on the Stone Age period and where and how people lived. On Wednesday (1/11) we will welcome the Freshwater Theatre Company to deliver a workshop on this era - this will provide a multi-sensory experience which will provide some answers and hopefully inspire even more questions about our topic! 


Later in the half-term we will have a Stone Age Day out in Forest School - parents and carers all welcome!

18.12.17 Father Christmas visit! Click the star for all the photos...

13.11.17 Fidler Music Assembly. A huge well done to Polly, Ella and Ellie for performing in front of the whole school and parents today. You were fantastic and we are very proud of you!

11.12.17 Art. We have been learning how to tint by adding colour gradually to white. Look out for the result of our hard work soon...!

6.12.17 Forest School Stone Age Day. What a fantastic day! We made paintbrushes and paints, dens, pottery, bows and arrows, musical instruments. We cooked toast and toasted marshmallows...thank you to the parents and grandparents who came along - we hope you enjoeyed the day as much as we did. Click the star for the full album...

Year 3 are Innkeepers in the school nativity. Please can you supply black trousers/leggings and a black t-shirt - named and bagged. Many thanks.

Wednesday 6th December is our Forest School Stone Age day. Children can wear their own clothes - please be warm and waterproof! Your child's wellies will be made available. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who are joining us - everybody is welcome! Toast and hot chocolate will be on hand to warm us up!

3.12.17 The enthusiasm for our Stone Age topic is still going strong! This week we completed cave paintings and made some hunting tools...

27.11.17 I am so thrilled by the effort the children are putting into our Stone Age topic at is a small selection of some of the work completed over the weekend - all done by choice by the children. Well done Year 3!

6.12.17 Stone Age Day - Forest School. Parents, carers, grandparents all welcome!

15.11.17 Witch, Witch... by Rose Fyleman. We loved reciting this poem - especially wearing the witch's hat and using a cackling, witchy voice! We did this to support our learning of the use of inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.