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Year 4 Class Page 2020-21

Welcome to Year 4! We are so happy to have all the children back and we have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with each other today... here we are loving our Book Time and free choice activities to end our day. This year the Year 4 teaching staff are Mrs Frawley (Autumn term), Mrs Eccles and Mrs Coop. Mrs Teasdale is our classroom assistant. We are looking forward to teaching our themes this year - from electricity to The Plague, from rivers and mountains to predators and their prey. The curriculum will be enriched with lots of hands on learning experiences, high quality texts and creativity. We can’t wait to get started! Keep checking this page regularly and watch out for your class Dojo alerts which will show our learning in action and give you opportunity to respond and engage with us. Thank you for supporting Year 4.

15.10.20 DT electrical project. Here are our finished creations; a constructed design that includes a lit bulb. It was a test of perseverance at times but we got there in the end! Well done everyone!

8.10.20 We are using the electrical circuit skills we have learned in our DT projects. The task is to create something that will either light up or buzz using a switch. These are our week we will begin to construct them. Watch this space!

5.10.20 Today we discussed the benefits of electricity but also the hazards, and how to stay safe around it. These are the posters we created...

1.10.20 Today we did an experiment to identify conductors and insulators of electricity. It was great fun waiting to see if the bulb would light or not... We wrote up our scientific enquiry using diagrams, tabled and concluding sentences to show our findings.

29.9.20 We have worked really hard to learn how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000. Here we are working out which place value position we need to look at to decide whether to round up or down..

25.9.20 Based on Wallace and Gromit’s contraptions, we drew and labelled our own. We used as many engineering and mechanical terms as we could.

Week beg 21.9.20 This week we learned how to make an electrical circuit that will light a bulb. We drew and labelled the components in a ‘closed’ circuit.

8.9.20 We thoroughly enjoyed our first xylophone music lesson with Wigan Wider Opportunities today...